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A brief overview of the project activities.

The education is divided among three main modules: Sports Management, Sports Training and Sports Nutrition. Whereas the module "management" covers many aspects of good governance, but also many practical skills, the module "training" is dedicated to development of practical skills, personal integrity as a coach and required soft skills. The module "nutrition" covers the elements of health and nutrition of athletes.



With the first level of this module participants will learn what is desk routine in running a sport club in matters of book-keeping principles, simple secretary taks, editing and receiving documents, communication with internal and external stakeholders. With the second level, participants will learn elements of planning and economics of sport, how to organize a small event, how to interest potential athletes and partners. Finally, while they are still being tutored, they will take charge of a definite administrative function in a sport club.



With the first level of this module participants will learn basic facts about trainings, how to define goals and means for a sport season and how to measure them, how to monitor their everyday improvements and locate them in the season plan. With the second level, participants will learn how to plan their season, how to assess means and focuses, how to manage risks and casualties in sport. Finally they will be able to assist new members in defining their goals and helping them in allocating resources of the club in order to achieve own goals.



With the first level of this module participants will learn basic facts about nutrition, especially for athletes, learn how to monitor their everyday food habits and detect causes and effects of their nutrition style, learn how to implement new styles and cater healthier food. With the second level, participants will learn how to match nutrition habits with sport standards and goals, and how to plan the season combining both factors. Finally they will be able to help new members in settling all from their first day in the club.

Education activities progress bar

Monitor in real time the progress of educational activities for each module







Project Timeline

1 january 2018

Official project start

In accordance with the project contract, the project is due to start on 1 January 2018 and to finish on 30 December 2019, for a total duration of 24 months.

6 january 2018     

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting was held in Zagreb, in organization of sport clubs Komet and Velika Gorica. 

20 February 2018                   

Project visibility event

First visibility event of the project is scheduled for 20 February 2018 in Bologna, organized by the Record Team. 

Project timeline

Selection of participants for education modules

The project will include interested members of all participating clubs, as well as those from other sport clubs that wish to join the education.

Introductory workshops

Introductory workshops will take place at three different cities: Zagreb, Bologna and Stockholm, covering all four clubs and club members. The workshops will cover one education module at the time, from Friday to Sunday. Three workshops will be held in the month of March 2018.

e-learning sessions

e-learning sessions will be a continuation of introductory workshops. Participants will join the online learning sessions, including regular homeworks and practical task to be accomplished within their own sport clubs. e-learning sessions will be held in March and April 2018.


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